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50 items found matching 1941 Ford One Ton 2 door Standard Cab Pickup
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Side window run channel kit

p/n: 20-0375-58

Kit, glass run and window-felt. Enough for both doors.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Windshield Gasket Set

p/n: 20-0366-50

This windshield gasket set includes two (2) gaskets that are made to be overlapped at the center to form the divider bar. They lock together tightly for a great seal and authentic look.

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Windowfelt weatherstrip

p/n: 20-0383-60

Side window horizontal seal (also known as beltline weatherstrip). These strips wipe the side windows when the glass is lowered. They come ready to install with finished ends and body curvature bends for a factory like appearance

Ships in 3 Weeks
Flexible run channel

p/n: 20-1619-58

Channel, door glass flexible run. Fabric covered bead. Sixty (60) inches long. Measures 9/16” tall x 5/8” wide. Used with 1/4” glass.

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Flexible run channel

p/n: 20-1146-58

Channel, flexible door window run. Stainless steel beaded. Sixty (60) inches long.

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Rear Window Gasket

p/n: 20-0395-81

This rear window gasket is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. The seal mounts around the full perimeter of the back glass and has vulcanized, or bonded, ends which means no cutting or splicing is required for installation.

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Windshield Division Bar

p/n: 20-2341-51

Windshield Division Bar - Stainless Steel outer with inner division bar. Includes attaching screws. Replaces factory Ford #01A-7003078.

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Front bumper grommet

p/n: 20-2167-28

Grommets, front bumper arm. Fully molded rubber. Three and three fourths inch (3-3/4") outside length by two and five eighths inch (2-5/8") outside width. One and three fourths inch (1-3/4") inside hole lengths by one fourth inch (1/4") inside hole widths

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Gearshift boot

p/n: 20-0334-26

Boot, floor mounted gear shift. Black.Width: 4.0 inches. Height: 5.0 inches.

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Beltline weatherstrip

p/n: 40-0539-57

Window felt inner and/or outer. One (1) pair of three (3) foot lengths. Flexible, pile lined, rubber covered, with black bead. For front door, rear door and quarter windows.

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Beltline weatherstrip

p/n: 70-0555-58

Weatherstrip, door window inner and outer, front and rear doors. Seven sixteenths (7/16) inch wide, with chrome bead, mohair faced, flexible. Two (2) three (3) foot strips. Bend to fit.

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Side window weatherstrip

p/n: 30-0244-57

Window felt inner and/or outer. One (1) pair of three (3) foot lengths. Flexible, pile lined, rubber covered, with black bead. For front door, rear door and quarter windows.

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Flexible run channel

p/n: 40-0309-57

Channel, side window glass, vertical run. (Use our #40-0280-57 across top).

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Hood bumper kit

p/n: 20-0358-42

Bumper kit, hood.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Brake and clutch pedal pad

p/n: 20-1563-22

Pads, brake and clutch pedal. Concentric circle design.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Front Door weatherstrip

p/n: 20-0390-72

Door edge weatherstrip. This part is the primary door to body weatherstrip. Includes enough to do front, top and backside of one door.

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Cowl vent gasket

p/n: 20-1613-54

Gasket, cowl vent.

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Brown gearshift boot

p/n: 20-2166-26

Boot, gear shift. Taupe.

Ships in 3-4 Days
Accelerator pedal pad

p/n: 20-1585-40

Pedal, accelerator. Original type.

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Bumper - Front Axle

p/n: 20-2175-33

Bumper - Front Axle. Designed from original part so it fits correctly.

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