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Technical Info

Body Style Diagrams

In this area we can place any link(s) we'd like to show the difference between body styles. Hardtop vs Post Car, 2 dr. Coupe vs 2 dr. Sedan, what is a Business Coupe, etc.

Product Terminology

This could be a list or a link or a semi-short image to display what we call certain parts and where they go on the vehicle.

Material and Process Specifications

We can add a chart or links to the different materials we use. EPDM Sponge, EPDM Dense, BUNA Nitrle, HATS tape, Durometers, Heat Specs, Brass Cores, Extrusion, Molding, Revulcanization, Shera Die, etc.

Installation Instructions and Videos

This would most likely be a link for another page where we can have our installation instructions by part number or process. Also could be where we have installation videos.

If we need a chart

Here is a sample that we can steal the structure from.

Method Delivery Shipping & Handling Rate
UNITED STATES (continental)
Standard3-6 Days *✔Orders under $50 only $9.99
✔Orders between $50 and $1000 are $9.99 plus 4% of subtotal
✔Orders Over $1000 only $49.99
Express2-3 Days6.5% of subtotal + $27.70
Express Plus1 Day8.5% of subtotal + $53.35
Standard3-6 Days4% of subtotal + $9.99
Express2-3 Days8.5% of subtotal + $55.35
Express Plus1 Day17% of subtotal + $69.40
Standard6-10 Days6.5% of subtotal + $21.30
Express3-6 Days12.5% of subtotal + $81.20 additional brokerage fees will apply
Express Plus2-3 Days21% of subtotal + $106.80 additional brokerage fees will apply
INTERNATIONAL Does NOT include tax or brokerage at the border
Standard6-10 Days8.5% of subtotal + $27.70
Express2-6 Days16% of subtotal + $32.00
Express Pluscall23% of subtotal + $170.80
* Depending upon the shipping weight and distance from North Carolina.