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We supply a few tools below that you may not find in your local auto parts store that might be needed for your restoration. Please click on the description to get a more in-depth description of that tool.
Ferrule installing tool

p/n: 70-0662-69

Installing tool, door and trunk handle ferrule. For cars and trucks using door and trunk handle ferrules such as our #70-0111-69.

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Wooden handled tucking tool

p/n: 94-0104-94

For tucking, headlining, and upholstery around windows, above doors and other hard to reach places. A sturdy, rough tool with a slightly curved blade that has finished edges around corners. Comfortable wood handle. 7.5 inches long by 2.625 inch blade.

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Heavy Duty glass retainer clip tool

p/n: 94-0106-94

Reduces the risk of chips and scratches to glass windows caused by makeshift tools. This tool is specifically designed to fit trim clips over the studs and virtually eliminates glass breakage. It also dispenses with the need to remove rubber-like sealant surrounding the studs. A practical tool for placing trim retainer clips over headed studs welded around the body window shields and rear window openings.

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All purpose tool, short tip

p/n: 94-0101-94

A varied-purpose tool. Assists in the installation of roof, windows, windshield rubber and back glass. Used to remove body clips, moldings, springs, cotter pins and radiator hoses. Measures 9.5 inches long by 5.5 inch blade.

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Panel Clip Retainer Removal Tool

p/n: 94-0100-94

For removing clips and retainers quickly and easily. Simply seat the tool on the shaft of the fastener and squeeze the molded handles together.

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All purpose tool, longer tip

p/n: 94-0102-94

An all purpose tool with an extra long hook. Use to remove moldings, body clips, windshield seals, cotter pins and radiator hoses. Made of tough spring steel, heat treated, tempered and plated. 8 inches long, 4.875 inch blade with 2 inch hook.

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Trim pad and glued in windshield molding removal tool

p/n: 94-0108-94

For auto trim work. Double ended tool combines both left and right hand. Removes reveal molding on rubberless windshield jobs. 9.5 inches long.

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Rope Insertion Tool

p/n: 94-0118-94

This “rope-in” insertion tool is used when working with rubber gasket set glass work. This unique tool is specifically designed to ease the rope under the rubber lip and set it in the groove of the gasket. The tool ensures a safe, easy and efficient installation of Windshield and Stationary Window Locking Gaskets.

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GM type trim pad removing tool

p/n: 94-0107-94

Specifically designed to pull out plastic trim pad fasteners used on GM cars. It reaches under the trim panel, supports and grips the plastic fasteners, and lifts it without damage to the fastener or to the trim pad backboard. This tool is made of heat treated, high carbon steel and will work equally on metal fasteners. 8.5 inches long.

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Locking Strip Tool

p/n: 94-0115-94

Locking Strip Tool

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Steele Branded Safety Glasses

p/n: 94-0109-94

Reinforced plastic, clear lenses and wraparound frame.

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Scraper/Tuck Tool

p/n: 94-0110-00

This handy tool is great for scraping off old glue and prepping surfaces without damaging metal. Also can be used to help tuck rubber which makes replacing windshield gaskets easier. A good multi purpose tool.

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Tuck Tool

p/n: 94-0116-94

This plastic tool has two round edges to make tucking rubber easier. It reduces the risk of scraping the metal or damaging the rubber. 7-3/4" long and 5/8" wide.

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