Body Mounting Pad

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Fully molded rubber with metal core and rubber locating collar. This body mounting pad can function as a body to frame isolator mounting pad. Also can be used for a radiator cradle to frame.

Made of top-quality EPDM rubber with a high level of fit and finish for the builder’s creative application and use. Excellent for use in many applications. These pads are typically used for body to frame isolator mounting.

Suggested Places To Use Include:

  • Body to Frame Mounting
  • Custom Mounting Applications

Product Details
Part Number: 70-1429-108
Dimensions: 1/2" Base Height
1/8" Collar Height
1-1/16" Outside Collar Diameter
3/4" Inside Collar Diameter
Material: EPDM Dense Rubber
Application Type: Hardware Not Included

Made from top quality rubber to ensure durability.

Hand Crafted. Quality Manufactured. Made in USA.

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