1/4" Fuel Tank Support Pad

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Dense rubber extrusion designed for various uses. Designed to cushion various mounting strips in widths up to 15/16" like gas tank straps, but it's use is only limited by your imagination. This 1/4" Fuel Tank Support Pad weatherstrip is made from high-quality EPDM dense rubber for the Builder’s creative application and use.

Glue On - Can be glued in place using our 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 96-8008-96. End-to-end bonding can be done with our Loctite Super Bonder 495, 96-0495-96 to make a one-piece gasket.

Product Details
Part Number: 70-3612-119
Dimensions: 1/4" (H) x 1-7/32" (W)
Length: Sold By The Foot
Material: EPDM Dense Rubber
Application Type: Glue-On

Made from top quality rubber to ensure durability and proper seal.

Hand Crafted. Quality Manufactured. Made in USA.


Note: When purchasing by the foot, select the number of feet you want in the quantity box and it will be sent in one continuous piece. (Possible exception for bulk orders, where it will be shipped in the longest pieces possible.)

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Glue On
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