1" x 1/4" Rectangular Sponge Rubber Door Weatherstrip

This is a convenient twelve (12') foot length of rectangular 1/4" x 1" cabin door or compartment hatch weatherstrip. Made from high quality EPDM sponge rubber. 3M Peel-N-Stick backing provides superior adhesion for reliable performance. Superior grade, 100% EPDM sponge rubber extrusion designed to last- it will not fade, shrink or crack. Excellent at resisting moisture, Ozone and UV exposure. Excellent for use in many Marine / Boating applications.

End-to-end bonding of this item, if desired, can be done with our Loctite Super Bonder 495, 96-0495-96 to make a one-piece gasket.

Product Details
Part Number: 70-4306-372
Dimensions: 1/4" x 1" Inches
Length: Twelve (12') Feet
Material: EPDM Sponge Rubber
Application Type: Peel-N-Stick

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