Rope-In Glass Installation Kit

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This Rope-In Glass Installation Kit has the products generally needed for the quality completion of a glass installation project. These products are those used by the best professional and award winning builders and installation specialists in the restoration industry.

This kit services those applications where the glass seal goes on the glass first and then is installed using the rope-in method. We’ve put everything together in one simple and convenient kit.

This Rope-In Glass Installation Kit is composed of:
  • 1 ea. Rope Insertion Tool 94-0118-94
  • 1 ea. Bedding and Glazing Compound 96-8509-96
  • 1 ea. Scraper / Tuck Tool 94-0110-00
  • 1 roll 1-1/2” Masking Tape 96-3433-96
  • 3 pr. Nitrile Disposable Gloves
  • 1 ea. Steele Rubber Products Decal

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A Warning for State of California residents. (Prop. 65)

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